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Magic Acrylic on Canvas

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is a touching artwork that tells the story of the artist overcoming tough times. After losing their first artworks to theft, the artist bravely started anew, infusing each stroke with resilience and reinvention. Choosing to create something different, the artistic process transformed unexpectedly, blending visual and written elements seamlessly. Guided by intuition, the artist let words and phrases naturally emerge, reflecting deep emotions. Encoded in ciphered phrases, the artwork becomes a mysterious tapestry, inviting viewers to uncover hidden messages. Keeping the artwork a bit mysterious adds a special touch, making it like a personal puzzle for everyone to explore. "Resilience Unveiled" not only celebrates the artist's success but also invites viewers to connect with their own stories, proving the incredible power of creativity in overcoming challenges and inspiring self-discovery.

acrylic on canvas, Studs, Glittle paste, augmented reality.


Leather upper

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Heel: 4 inches / 10 cm

Platform: 2 inches / 5 cm

Care Instructions

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Special materials
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Size guide

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23.3 37.5 4 6.5
23.7 38 4.5 7
24.1 38.5 5 7.5
24.5 39 5.5 8
25 40 6 8.5
25.4 40.5 6.5 9
25.8 41 7 9.5
26.2 42 7.5 10

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